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What is The Jawbone of an Ass?  Well, some of us like to write about theology.  But we don’t do so often enough to have our own blogs.  So we created this one.  There’s no particular frequency any given author must post at – we write as we can and want to.  However, together we can have a site that updates every week.

The opinions we express here are limited in both space and the amount of time we can sink into them.  Some of them are things we’ve been mulling over for a long time, and are well thought out.  Some are not nearly as complete.  Feel free to comment and engage with us, but be aware that we’ll simply delete rudeness.

At one point in time we updated every Monday. These days we try to update every week and Tuesday is the day that a post is most likely to appear. However, that day is likely to move around a bit over time as it is highly dependent on Eric’s teaching schedule.

Also, in the interests of strict accuracy, that header contains a photo of a replica of a horse’s jaw modified to donkey proportions. Donkey mandibles are remarkably hard to come by even for a zoologist.

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